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Eko Prasojo, author
Jakarta: Sekretariat Jenderal DPR RI, 2009
328.1 EKO b
Buku Teks  Universitas Indonesia Library
Sri Mulyono, author
In order to increase the performance of trademark examiners, the development and implementation of clear and appropriate professional accountability system needs to be fulfilled. As the result the intellectual property registration process can be faster and betterly satisfy the applicants. Accountability is one principle of good governance. Goverment is expected...
Depok: Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Universitas Indonesia, 2009
UI - Tesis (Open)  Universitas Indonesia Library
Mudiyati Rahmatunnisa, author
This paper discusses current Indonesia local government accountability system which has undergone fundamental change since the reform era. Through a number of regulations, local governments now have to submit reports which include LPPD, LKPj, ILPPD, and LKPD. In line with what have been constructed by many experts, from normative perspective,...
Jakarta: Research and Development Agency Ministry of Home Affairs, 2018
351 JBP 10:1 (2018)
Artikel Jurnal  Universitas Indonesia Library
Tobing, Wilson R.L., author
Depok: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Indonesia, 1982
UI - Skripsi (Membership)  Universitas Indonesia Library
Andi Kurniawan, author
Reformasi Birokrasi Pemasyarakatan secara yuridis dideklarasikan pada tanggal 27 April 2010 dan secara faktual terus bergerak maju terutama di lingkungan Direktorat Jenderal yang berperan dominan dalam menggulirkan program reformasi birokrasi baik di Unit Eselon I Kementerian Hukum dan HAM maupun di Unit Pelaksana Teknis Pemasyarakatan. Kebijakan dan arah baru Reformasi...
Jakarta: Program Pascasarjana Universitas Indonesia, 2013
UI - Tesis (Membership)  Universitas Indonesia Library
Ronny K. Hermajanto Moentoro, author
Government accountability in democratic countries requires that governments provide transparent information to the public about plans and realization of planned activities as part of the goverments' accountability for mandates given by the public to govern and allocate resources. This paper discusses concisely the meaning of govemment accountability and if is...
Artikel Jurnal  Universitas Indonesia Library
This timely and insightful book provides the key elements needed to understand the nature and prevalence of corruption in public governance, as well as the devastating public policy consequences...
United Kingdom: Emerald, 2017
eBooks  Universitas Indonesia Library
This research will highlight how accountability mechanism of DIY Province LOD in supervising the accomplishment of public service.Subject of this research are Ombusdman,Ombusdmand assistant,secretary staf of DIY Province LOD ,bureaucrat of Local Government of DIY Province,the member of DIY Provine Parlemen,public and public-social organization,press and academians......
Artikel Jurnal  Universitas Indonesia Library
Indri Wahyuni, author
Ada 4 (empat) program penguatan akuntabilitas kinerja di Setjen MPR yaitu 1. Memperkuat akuntabilitas kinerja instansi; 2. Membantu pegawai untuk melaksanakan tugas, rencana dan tujuan dalam rangka mendukung pencapaian tujuan dan sasaran instansi; 3. Melakukan penilaian unit kerja dengan menggunakan instrumen yang berbasis kinerja; dan 4. Melakukan upaya untuk meningkatkan...
Depok: Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Universitas Indonesia, 2016
UI - Tesis (Membership)  Universitas Indonesia Library
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