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Hill, M.A. Jr
New york : Henry Holt , 1940
516.32 HIL b
Buku Teks  Universitas Indonesia Library
Kibble, T. W. B.
New York: Longman Scientific & Technical, 1985
531 KIB c
Buku Teks  Universitas Indonesia Library
John Dill, editor
Expanding the frontiers of visual analytics and visualization provides a review of the state of the art in computer graphics, visualization, and visual analytics by researchers and developers who are closely involved in pioneering the latest advances in the field. It is a unique presentation of multi-disciplinary aspects in visualization...
London: Springer, 2012
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Larose, Daniel T., author
New Jersey: Wiley, 2015
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Andrienko, Gennady, author
Many important planning decisions in society and business depend on proper knowledge and a correct understanding of movement, be it in transportation, logistics, biology, or the life sciences. Today the widespread use of mobile phones and technologies like GPS and RFID provides an immense amount of data on location and...
Heidelberg: Springer, 2013
006.4 AND v
Buku Teks  Universitas Indonesia Library
Steele, Brian, author
This textbook on practical data analytics unites fundamental principles, algorithms, and data. Algorithms are the keystone of data analytics and the focal point of this textbook. Clear and intuitive explanations of the mathematical and statistical foundations make the algorithms transparent. But practical data analytics requires more than just the foundations....
Switzerland: Springer International Publishing, 2016
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Loshin, David, 1963- , author

Big Data Analytics" will assist managers in providing an overview of the drivers for introducing big data technology into the organization and for understanding the types of business problems best suited to big data analytics solutions, understanding the value drivers and benefits, strategic planning, developing a pilot, and eventually planning...
Amsterdam: Morgan Kaufmann, 2013
658.472 LOS b
Buku Teks  Universitas Indonesia Library
Vincent Alexander, author
Laporan magang ini membahas mengenai evaluasi praktik data analytics dalam mendukung prosedur audit di KAP Unihome dan juga melakukan refleksi diri terhadap aktivitas magang yang telah dilakukan. Evaluasi ini akan dilakukan terhadap tim data & analytics KAP Unihome yang merupakan salah satu dari KAP di Indonesia. Evaluasi akan dilakukan menggunakan...
Depok: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Indonesia , 2020
UI - Tugas Akhir  Universitas Indonesia Library
Wills, Graham, author
In this book, Graham Wills bridges the gap between the art and the science of visually representing data. He does not simply give rules and advice, but bases these on general principles and provide a clear path between them....
New York: [, Springer], 2012
eBooks  Universitas Indonesia Library
Nico Juanto, author
E-commerce dan big data merupakan bukti dari kemajuan teknologi yang sangat pesat. Big data berperan cukup penting dalam perusahaan e-commerce untuk menangani perkembangan semua data, mengolah setiap data tersebut dan menjadi competitive advantage bagi perusahaan. Perusahaan XYZ.com mengalami kesulitan dalam menganalisis stok dan tren dari produk yang dijual. Jika hal...
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