Sriharat, Watchara
Anorexia and protein energy status of hospitalized patients in the Departement of Medicine, Khon Kaen regional hospital, Thailand
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The prevalance of childhood obesity in primary school children in urban khon kaen,northeast thailand
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Arunee Promkhambut, author
Multiple cropping after the rice harvest in rainfed rice cropping systems in khon kaen province, northeast thailand / Arunee Promkhambut, A. Terry Rambo
Kyoto University, 2017
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Sutanto Maduseno, author
The quality of life of patients with liver cirrhosis hospitalized at Dr. Sardjito Hospital, Yogyakarta
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The effect of high protein enteral nutrition on protein status in acute stroke patients
Medical Journal of Indonesia, 14 (1) January March 2005: 37-43, 2005
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