Kelly, Gary F.
Sexuality to day: the human perspective / Gary F. Kelly
Dushkin Pub, 1992
 Buku Referensi
Kelly, Gary F.
Sexuality today: the human perspective / Gary F. Kelly;
The Dushkin Publishing Group, 1992
 Buku Teks
Damisch, Hubert
The origin of perspective / Hubert Damisch ; translated by John Goodman
MIT Press, 2000
 Buku Teks
Sarabjot Singh, author
Specialty store and multi-brand store loyalty: an indian consumer perspective. / Sarabjot Singh, Piyush Kumar Sinha, Hari Govind Mishra
Management, Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia and Philip Kotler Center, 2013
 Artikel Jurnal
Ruzaimi Mat Rani, author
Perspective creative 01: one point perspective
Words & Visuals Press Pte Ltd,
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