Migration, squatting and radical autonomy
edited by Pierpaolo Mudu and Sutapa Chattopadhyay
Taylor and Francis Group, 2017
 Buku Teks
Giddens, Anthony, author
Runaway world : how globalisation is reshaping our lives
Profile , 2002
 Buku Teks
The Politics of prostitution : women`s movements, democratic states and the globalisation of sex commerce
Cambridge University Press, 2004
 Buku Teks
The globalisation of motherhood : deconstructions and reconstructions of biology and care
Wendy Chavkin, JaneMaree Maher.
Routledge, 2010
 Buku Teks
Chapman, R. F. (Reginald Frederick), author
The insects : structure and function
Cambridge University Press, 2013
 Buku Teks
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