Stein, Harold
Public administration and policy development : a case book / by Harold Stein
N.Y. Harcourt, Brace & World, 1952
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Capper, Stuart A., author
Public health leadership & management : cases and context
Sage, 2001
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Shaffer, Kenneth R., author
The experience of management : case studies in publics and academic library administration
The Scarecrow , 1972
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Zikri Irfandi, author
Analisis penyediaan dan kebutuhan E-participation: studi kasus Pemerintah Kota Metro = E-participation provision and demand analysis: case study of Metro City Government
 UI - Tugas Akhir
Governmental reorganizations : cases and commentary / edited by Frederick C. Mosher
Bobbs-Merril Company, Inc., 1967
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