Economic integration : concepts, theories and problems : [a selection from the papers contributed to the Fourth World Congress of Economists, held in Budapest, August 19-24, 1974] /​ edited by Mihály Simai and Katalin Garam on behalf of the Hungarian Economic Association.
Akadémiai Kiadó,, 1977.
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Posisi negara berkembang dalam integrasi ekonomi regional dan hubungannya dengan sistem perdagangan multilateral WTO = The position of developing countries in regional economic integration and its relation with the multilateral trading system of The WTO.
Universitas Indonesia, 2013
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Integration in the world economy : East-West and inter-state relations /​ edited by József Nyilas
Budapest : Akadémiai Kiad, 1976
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Snorrason, Snorri Thomas, author
Asymmetric economic integration: size characteristics of economies, trade costs and welfare
[Springer, ], 2012
Paehlke, Robert C., author
Democracy s dilema: environment, social equity, and the global economy
MIT Press, 2003
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