Khlopov, Maxim, author
Fundamentals of cosmic particle physics
[, Spinger], 2012
Mottram, Matthew Joseph, author
A search for ultra-high energy neutrinos and cosmic-rays with ANITA-2
Spinger-Verlag, 2012
Brun, Rene, editor
From the web to the grid and beyond : computing paradigms driven by high-energy physics
[, Spinger-Verlag], 2012
Auping, John, author
The cause and evolution of the universe : fact and myth in modern astrophysics
AESOP Publications, 2018
Buku Teks
Nizar Septian, author
Pengukuran produksi meson D∗+ versus multiplisitas partikel bermuatan di tumbukan proton-proton pada energi pusat massa 13 tev = Measurement of D∗+ meson production versus charged-particle multiplicity at proton-proton collisions at center of mass energy 13 tev / Nizar Septian
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