Miller, Alden D.
Delinquency and community: creating opportunities and controls/ Alden D. Miller and Lloyd E. Ohlin
Sage, 1985
 Buku Teks
Alarid, Leanne Fiftal, author
Community-based corrections
Wadsworth and Cengage Learning, 2013
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Readings juvenile delinquency: readings Vol.2/ editor Joseph G. Weis; Robert D, Crutchfield; George S. Bridges
Pine Forge Press, 1996
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Sellin, Thorsten, author
The measurement of delinquency
Wiley Eastern Private Limited, 1970
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Street, David
Organization for treatment: a comparative of institutions for delinquents / David S; Robert D. Vinter; Charles Perrow
The Free Press, 1966
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