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Columbia University , 1959
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Mortimer, J.E.
Trade unions and technological change / J.E. Mortimer
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Visie Fairy Vradika
Faktor dominan yang mempengaruhi produktivitas tenaga kerja pada proyek EPC (Studi kasus pada PT. X) = The dominant factor that influence produktivity of labour in the EPC project (Case study in PT. X)
Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia, 2008
 UI - Tesis (Open)
The future of industrial information services : proceeding of the Library Association Industrial Group 1987 Annual Study Weekend, High Wycombe
edited by Lawraine Wood
Taylor Graham, , 1987
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Carter, Neil
How organizations measure success : the use of performance indicators in government / Neil Carter, Rudolf Klein, Patricia Day
Routledge, 1995
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