Soerjadi Raphael
Spreading of particles in some displacement probability field / Raphael Soerjadi
Wiskundig ingenieur, 1986
Buku Teks
High energy astrophysics vol. II=Hautes energies en astrophysique / Edited by Cecile DeWitt
Gordon and Beach, science, 1967
Buku Teks
Particles and fundamental interactions : supplements, problems and solutions : a deeper insight into particle physics / Sylvie Braibant, Giorgio Giacomelli, Maurizio Spurio
Spinger Science, 2012
Ellwanger, Ulrich, author
From the universe to the elementary particles : a first introduction to cosmology and the fundamental interactions
[Spinger-Verlag, ], 2012
Particles and nuclei: an introduction to the physical concepts
Springer-Verlag, 2015
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