School libraries for a knowledge society : proceedings of the International Association of School Librarianship and the Sixth international forum and research in school librarianship held at Petaling, Jaya, Malaysia 5-9 August 2002
edited by David Loertscher ...[et al.]; editor, Diljit Singh ...[et al.]
International Association of School Libraranship, 2002
 Buku Teks
Introduction to ASEAN Librarianship: school libraries
edited by Soekarman, S.S. Wardaya
The ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information , 1992
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From aesop to e-book the story goes on: selected papers from the 33rd annual conference of the International Association of school librarianship and the 8th International forum on research in school librarianship
International Association of School Librarianship, 2004
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Herring, James E., author
School librarianship
Bingley , 1988
 Buku Teks
School libraries : their planning and equipment
School Library Association , 1972
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