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In 2022, Universitas Indonesia Library had the opportunity to attend the 2022 PRRLA Annual Meeting Program by online on October 11-13, 2022 Hawaii time (October 12-14, 2022 Jakarta Time). After two years hiatus, The University of Hawaii at Manoa is the host of this event with the theme of HO'OLU LAHUI: LEADING DRIVEN SPACES, RESOURCES, AND SERVICES IN RESEAECH LIBRARIES AS WE EMERGE FROM COVID-19.


There are several agendas such as meetings and panels on research collaboration, network strengthening, and collection development to improve services and collection development strategies. This topic is very much aligned with the development of digital literacy in the librarianship issue today. Furthermore, by merging the digital collections of PRRLA members, which are world's prestigious universities, it will be possible to provide access to the metadata through a single access point. It certainly answers the challenges of the massive development of the information technology and also requires librarians to always adapt and fulfill the needs of information and literature.


The Head of the UI Library, Mariyah S.Sos..M.Hum., who had the opportunity to participate in this activity, said that the series of activities were very good, had an interesting themes and the speakers are very competent in the field of librarianship. The following are the four panels at the 2022 PRRLA Annual Meeting Program:

1. Cultivating Networks: Developing Specialized Collections Through Relationships

2. Local Collaboration: Leaning into Our Responsibilities as Community Partners

3. Responding to Indigenous Communities Decolonizing Library Practices

4. Meeting Local Needs: Enhancing Services and Collection Development Strategies


In addition to the panel session, the participants also took part in a presentation by Karl Lo Awardees about the research and professional development that has been carried out. In 2022 Karl Lo Awardees is achieved by Fei Xue from Zhejiang University Library with the research title “Exploring the Application of Digital Expression from Cultural Perspectives: A case Study on Rubbings at Zhejiang University” and also Kimberley Williams from The University of Sydney with the research title “Pilot Virtual Reading Room Service”.


On the last day of the meeting, October 14, 2022, there was a panel session and a limited meeting with all PRRLA members. The meeting provided a summary of the “Meet and Greet” Sessions held in May-July 2022 and  information about 4 new members of PRRLA members, namely: John Bahri (Acting University Librarian, Chinese University of Hong Kong); Dr. Natalie Pang (University Librarian, National University of Singapore); Mariyah, S.Sos., M.Hum. (Head of Library, University of Indonesia), and Dr. Gabrielle Wong (Director of Library Services, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology); and announces the 2023 PRRLA Annual Meeting at Sun Yat-Sen University (NCT/MAR)



Mariyah, S.Sos., M.Hum.

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