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Macleod, Janice, author
anice created a painted letter subscription service, sending out thousands of letters to people who are hungry to receive something beautiful. 'Paris letters' is the inspiring story of a woman who dared to discover a life she could love...
Jakarta: Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2017
709.2 MAC p
Buku Teks  Universitas Indonesia Library
Bronte, Charlotte, author
Summary: Alma Classics edition of The Professor is here presented with a comprehensive extra material section, including notes on the text, pictures and information on Bronte's life and work...
Bandung: Qanita; Mizan Pustaka, 2017
823.8 BRO p
Buku Teks  Universitas Indonesia Library
Austen, Jane, author
Bandung: Qanita, 2016
823.7 AUS s
Buku Teks  Universitas Indonesia Library