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Meghreblian, Robert V., author
New York: McGraw-Hill , 1960
539.75 MEG r
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Braibant, Sylvie, author
The book provides theoretical and phenomenological insights on the structure of matter, presenting concepts and features of elementary particle physics and fundamental aspects of nuclear physics. Starting with the basics (nomenclature, classification, acceleration techniques, detection of elementary particles), the properties of fundamental interactions (electromagnetic, weak and strong) are introduced with a...
Dordrecht: [Spinger Science, ], 2012
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Scheck, Florian
This book begins with relativistic quantum mechanics and some quantum field theory which lay the foundation for the rest of the text. The phenomenology and the physics of the fundamental interactions are emphasized through a detailed discussion of the empirical fundamentals of unified theories of strong, electromagnetic, and weak interactions....
Berlin : [Spinger-Verlag, ], 2012
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