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Osborn, John F.
Oxford : Blackwell Scientific Pub., 1979
519.5 OSB s
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Ross, Lainie Friedman, author
Lainie Ross presents a rigorous critical investigation of the development of policy governing the involvement of children in medical research. She examines the shift in focus from protection of medical research subjects, enshrined in post-World War II legislation, to the current era in which access is assuming greater precedence....
Oxford: Clarendon Press , 2006
613.043 2 ROS c
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With the advent of electronic medical records years ago and the increasing capabilities of computers, our healthcare systems are sitting on growing mountains of data. Not only does the data grow from patient volume but the type of data we store is also growing exponentially. Practical Predictive Analytics and Decisioning...
Amsterdam: Academic Press, 2015
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Kanti Laras, author
Evaluation of Laboratory Information Tracking System (LITS) at US Namru-2, JakartaU.S. Naval Medical Research Unit No.2 (U.S. NAMRU-2), as medical research institution, needs the information system that can be used for storing and tracking data and specimens from their research. Regarding the importance of the laboratory information storage and tracking...
Depok: Universitas Indonesia, 2004
T 4016
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Brant, Xenia Maria Caldeira, editor
Recent trends in health care across the United States and internationally have emphasized a novel approach that consists in comparing the effectiveness and efficacy of treatment interventions with a patient-centered emphasis (i.e., evidence-based health care), while ensuring cost constraints, maximizing benefits, and minimizing risks. In this book, experts in comparative...
Berlin : Springer, 2012
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