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Goode, Kenneth Mackarmess
New York: Harper & Brothers , 1947
658.8 GOO s
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Spector, Paul E., author
"The field of industrial and organizational psychology continues to see attention and growth and has become one of the major applied specialties in the study of psychology. Since findings from research in this field are relevant to everyone who has held a job, and the field has developed proven methods...
Hoboken, NJ: Jones & Bartllett, 2012
158.7 SPE i
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Reis, Matthew, author
Understanding how and why employees behave as they do is a critical skill for managers in every organization. Managers are responsible for ensuring that the organization?s mission and strategic goals are enacted, so it is of the utmost importance they know how motivate and engage employees. This updated and revised...
New York: American Management Association, 2010
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Ashar Sunyoto Munandar, author
Jakarta: Penerbit Universitas Indonesia (UI-Press), 2001
158.7 ASH p
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Djanasz, Suzanne C. De, author
Looks at the key skills necessary for personal and managerial success in organisations today. Exploding with exercises, cases, and group activities, this book employs an experiential approach suitable for all student audience...
New York: McGraw Hil , 2012
158.7 JAN i (1)
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Weisinger, Hendrie, author
The ability to give and take criticism in a positive fashion is crucial to business success. This volume shows the reader how to transform criticism from a negative, relationship-damaging encounter to a positive, motivating, mutually beneficial experience for both parties...
New York: [American Management Association, ], 2000
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Gargiulo, Terrence L., 1968- , author
Treasured for centuries, the world's folk tales have left a legacy of wisdom for countless generations. Going beyond simple entertainment, stories such as "The Lion and the Hare" and "The Woodcutter's Daughter" instruct through example how to live in a world populated with dishonest, petty, and conniving characters. "In the...
New York: American Management Association, 2008
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Smith, Richard H., author
Competition for resources, recognition, and outcomes is a fact of life in organizational life. When one falls short in comparison to colleagues or subordinates, feelings of envy may arise. Envy is ubiquitous and painful fueled by inferiority, hostility, and resentment. At the same time envy is also a socially adaptive...
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016
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Dwi Septinawati, author
Akuisisi atau pembelian aset perusahaan yang dilakukan oleh PT. 'XYZ' terhadap PT. 'ABC' menuntut penanganan yang baik agar prosesnya dapat berjalan dengan lancar. Salah satu hal yang harus ditangani adalah fungsi SDM. Dalam hal ini, PT. 'XYZ' ingin agar aset yang ada pada SDM, yang berupa skill, knowledge dan ability...
Depok: Universitas Indonesia, 2006
UI - Tesis (Membership)  Universitas Indonesia Library
Readers will finish "Face It" feeling like they've just left a session with their own personal coach, ready to face their fear and achieve success. "Face It" guides readers through a unique self-assessment program. Readers will come to understand which of these basic behavioral profiles they may unintentionally be falling...
New York: [American Management Association, ], 2004
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