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Hofmann, Karl H.
Berlin: VEB Deutscher Verlag, 1973
512.55 HOF c
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Benson, David J., author
This book presents the solution of a long-standing problem concerning the stable module category (of not necessarily finite dimensional representations) of a finite group. The proof draws on commutative algebra, cohomology of groups and stable homotopy theory. The unifying theme is a notion of support which provides a geometric approach...
Basel: [Spinger, ], 2012
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Getz, Jayce, author
In this book the authors take an alternate approach to these theorems and generalize them to the setting of Hilbert modular varieties of arbitrary dimension. The approach is conceptual and uses tools that were not available to Hirzebruch and Zagier, including intersection homology theory, properties of modular cycles, and base...
Basel: Spinger, 2012
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