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Siti Nurdjanah, author
Background: Some studies suggested that colorectal cancer at young age had a distinct biological characteristic: more advanced stage at time of diagnosis, poorer differentiated, and consisted of large proportion of mucin producing tumors. Aim of the study: To analyze clinical and histopathological differences between young aged colorectal cancer patients (< 40...
Artikel Jurnal  Universitas Indonesia Library
Theresia Sukma Larasati, author
Skripsi ini membahas tentang korelasi antara twin deficits, yang terdiri dari defisit neraca berjalan dan defisit anggaran pemerintah, dan pertumbuhan ekonomi di 49 negara berkembang dan negara maju yang menggunakan analisis cross-sectional untuk periode sebelum dan sesudah krisis finansial Asia dan sebelum dan sesudah krisis finansial global. Terdapat perubahan dalam...
UI - Skripsi (Membership)  Universitas Indonesia Library
This book presents the Proceedings of The 4th Brazilian Technology Symposium (BTSym'18). Part I of the book discusses current technological issues on Systems Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, such as the Transmission Line, Protein-modified mortars, Electromagnetic Properties, Clock Domains, Chebyshev Polynomials, Satellite Control Systems, Hough Transform, Watershed Transform, Blood...
Switzerland: Springer Nature, 2019
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This book presents the proceedings of the 3rd Brazilian Technology Symposium (BTSym), which is a multi/trans/interdisciplinary event offering an excellent forum for presentations and discussions of the latest scientific and technological developments in various areas of research, with an emphasis on smart design and future technologies. It brings together researchers, students...
Switzerland: Springer Cham, 2019
eBooks  Universitas Indonesia Library