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Grimm, Christine, author
[Christine Grimm presents a first-hand account of a social researcher who entered the software laboratory of one of the biggest ERP providers. Presenting an in-depth ethnography on how people act within such labs. she reveals the highly unexpected social character of programming and shows how the vendor reorganizes himself to...
Wiesbaden: [Springer, ], 2012
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Cusumano, Michael A., editor
This book contains the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Software Business (ICSOB) held in Cambridge, MA, USA, in June 2012. The software business refers to commercial activities in the software industry, aimed at generating revenues from the design, delivery, and maintenance of software products and IT services...
Berlin: [, Springer-Verlag], 2012
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Upadhya, Carol, author
Reengineering India explores Indias post-liberalization transformation through the lens of the software industry. It is an anthropological study of work, capital, and class in the software industry, viewed as a key site where novel forms of work and worker-subjects, dispositions, and social identities are being fashioned, and new aspirations and...
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016
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