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Boas, Gideon, author
Public International Law offers both a comprehensive understanding of international law as well as a fresh and highly accessible approach. While explaining the theory and development of international law, this work also examines how it functions in practic...
Cheltenham, U.K.: Northampton, Mass. : Edward Elgar, 2012
341 BOA p (1)
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In 1944 the Chicago Convention set out the foundations of public international law regulating international air transport, but until 2016 no international agreement existed to limit its environmental impact. Sustainable Development, International Aviation, and Treaty Implementation explains why the CORSIA scheme, adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization in 2016,...
United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press, 2018
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Olawuyi, Damilola S., author
Even though the concept of human rights mainstreaming is not new to public international law, it has recently gained increased recognition as a practical approach for recognizing the linkages between human rights and other social justice issues such as environmental protection. A plenitude of literature have been generated on the need to recognize and...
University of Indonesia, Faculty of Law, 2013
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Andrea Carllinita Purwandaya, author
Skripsi ini mengkaji keterlibatan Indonesia dengan hukum lingkungan internasional ndash; khususnya perubahan iklim ndash; di era pemerintahan Jokowi kini. Penilaian tersebut dilakukan dengan melihat rencana aksi nasional Nawacita, serta langkah-langkah pelaksanaan yang diambil oleh pemerintahan yang menunjukkan komitmen terhadap perkembangan hukum perubahan iklim internasional. Meskipun pemerintah saat ini tidak memiliki...
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Robinson, Darryl, author
In Justice in Extreme Cases, Darryl Robinson argues that the encounter between criminal law theory and international criminal law (ICL) can be illuminating in two directions: criminal law theory can challenge and improve ICL, and conversely, ICL's novel puzzles can challenge and improve mainstream criminal law theory. Robinson recommends a...
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020
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Weber, Rolf H., author
Anonymization explores the legal framework developed to help protect netizens’ privacy and their wish for anonymous communication over the Internet. It debates the value in helping to protect anonymity over a network which sees an increasing number of cybercrimes, and explores governmental interventions into anonymity requests, and whether requests should...
London: Springer, 2012
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