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If you want your classes to run smoothly you need a lesson plan. This issue focuses on the details of designing and developing these lesson plans within the context of your course design. You will learn what designers and facilitators do, how to select the most effective instructional techniques, and...
Alexandria, VA: [American Society for Training & Development;, ], 2001
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Sharpe, Cat, author
Great behavioral objectives help guarantee that you will get the outcome you are expecting from your training program. This issue provides clear guidelines for writing clear, concise and measurable cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (attitudes) objectives. Included are tips on formatting, use of action verbs, and other practical advice...
Alexandria, VA: [American Society for Training and Development Press, American Society for Training and Development Press], 2000
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This issue offers ideas for improving needs analysis techniques. It provides a discussion of needs assessment instruments, focusing on interviews and questionnaires. Job aid is a checklist for designing analysis instruments...
Alexandria, VA: [American Society for Training and Development Press, American Society for Training and Development Press], 1998
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Sparhawk, Sally, author
Training professionals are increasingly expected to be strategic business partners with their organizations, offering performance solutions that align with business goals. Becoming this partner requires a different way of thinking about needs analysis. This issue explores the six steps involved in defining a clients training needs in relation to the...
Alexandria, VA: American Society for Training and Development Press, 2002
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Jan Voskuil, author
The central theme in this paper is the problem of shifting from natural language descriptions, as in traditional dictionaries and thesauri, to working IT (Information Technology) systems that support people carrying out their administrative tasks. An explicit description of the specific language used in an organization is necessary to guarantee...
University of Indonesia, Faculty of Humanities, 2015
909 UI-WACANA 16:2 (2015)
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