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Wintomo Tjandra, author
Penelitian ini membahas perkembangan ASEAN menuju security community dengan meneliti konflik bersenjata antara Thailand dan Kamboja. Respon dari ASEAN terhadap konflik, serta dinamika interaksi kedua negara memiliki peran penting dalam menilai mengapa konflik bisa terjadi di tengah upaya ASEAN membentuk security community yang lebih matang. Dengan menggunakan pendekatan...
Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Universitas Indonesia, 2012
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Savic, Ivan, author
The rise of China is changing the strategic landscape globally and regionally. How states respond to potential threats posed by this new power arrangement will be crucial to international relations for the coming decades. This book builds on existing realist and rationalist concepts of balancing, bandwagoning, commitment problems, and asymmetric...
London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
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Provides an overview of East and South-East Asia's international relations, security perspectives, foreign and defence policies, and regional non-traditional security issues, including globalization, transnational health challenges, population growth and the environmen...
London : Routledge, 2013
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Nasu, Hitoshi, author
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has achieved deeper regional market integration to lay a socio-economic foundation for the development of a regional community, yet inter-state trust is by no means assured as Southeast Asian nations remain steadfast in maintaining their political regime stability against external interference. However, through...
United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press, 2019
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Tarling, Nicholas, author
"Southeast Asia serves as an excellent case study to discuss major transformations in the relationship between states. This book looks at the changing nature of relationships between countries in Southeast Asia, as well as their relationships with other states in Asia and beyond. A diverse region in many areas, open...
New York, NY : Routledge, , 2013
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Buku Teks  Universitas Indonesia Library
Contributors to this volume include ambassadors, ex-diplomats, and senior research fellows who have presented their views and opinions on ASEAN-US relations in a coherent perspective, although with minute differences. In all there are eleven contributors who offer fresh perspectives on ASEAN-US multiple ties. A common theme that runs through the...
Singapore: Institute of South East Asia Studies, 2012
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