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The authors of this work (doctors, engineers and researchers) have endeavored to supply validated and easily understandable scientific information on the electromagnetic fields and their biological and health effects. After a general review of the physics of the waves and a presentation of non-ionizing radiations, the authors review the main...
New York: [Springer, ], 2012
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Hall, Eric J., author
The seventh edition is the most radical revision of this textbook to date and now includes color figures, a visual transformation over the sixth edition. However, we were careful to retain the same format as the sixth edition, which divided the book into two parts. Part I contains 17 chapters...
Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer, 2012
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This book summarizes the advances achieved by these research groups after more than ten years of studies on radiation damage in biomolecular systems. An extensive Part I deals with recent experimental and theoretical findings on radiation induced damage at the molecular level. It includes many contributions on electron and positron collisions...
Dordrecht: Spinger Science, 2012
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Heckman, Carolyn J., editor
This book fills that gap by providing an overview of indoor tanning, reasons for its popularity, its risks including skin cancers, and the public health context surrounding the behavior. We have invited some of the preeminent experts in the field to summarize the existing scientific literature for each of the...
Dordrecht: [Spinger Science, ], 2012
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