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Gitman D. M., author
Self-adjoint extensions in quantum mechanics begins by considering quantization problems in general, emphasizing the nontriviality of consistent operator construction by presenting paradoxes of the naïve treatment. The necessary mathematical background is then built by developing the theory of self-adjoint extensions. Through examination of various quantum-mechanical systems, the...
New York: Springer , 2012
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Groß, Christian, author
Interferometry, the most precise measurement technique known today, exploits the wave-like nature of the atoms or photons in the interferometer. As expected from the laws of quantum mechanics, the granular, particle-like features of the individually independent atoms or photons are responsible for the precision limit, the shot noise limit. However...
Berlin: Springer, 2012
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Cini, Michelle, author
This work arises from our teaching this subject during many years. The vast majority of these exercises are the exams we gave to our students in this period. We carefully selected the subjects of the exercises to cover all the material which is most needed and which is treated...
Milan: Springer-Verlag, 2012
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Weinberg, Erick J., author
Classical solutions play an important role in quantum field theory, high-energy physics and cosmology. Real-time soliton solutions give rise to particles, such as magnetic monopoles, and extended structures, such as domain walls and cosmic strings, that have implications for early universe cosmology. Imaginary-time Euclidean instantons are responsible for important non...
New York: Cambridge University Press, 2012
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