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New York: Gordon and Beach, science, 1967
523.01 HAU t II
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Shaviv, Giora, author
This book describes the origins and evolution of the chemical elements we and the cosmos are made of. The story starts with the discovery of the common elements on Earth and their subsequent discovery in space. How do we learn the composition of the distant stars? How did progress...
Berlin: Spinger-Verlag, 2012
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Khlopov, Maxim, author
This book guides readers (astronomers, physicists, and university students) through central questions of Practical Cosmology, a term used by the late Allan Sandage to denote the modern scientific endeavor to find the cosmological model best describing the universe of galaxies, its geometry, size, age, and matter composition. The authors draw...
Dordrecht: [, Spinger], 2012
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