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The UN Volume (Bogue, Arriaga and Anderton, l993) on population methodology has elaborated different methods for interpolation of population data. There were two methods in interpolating empirical data frequently discussed, that are mid- point method and cumulation-differencing method In some cases mid-point method was not recommended and cumulation- differencing method was recommended only on the basis...
Journal of Population, 12 (2) 2006 : 105-126, 2006
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Schoenberg, I.J., author
As this monograph shows, the purpose of cardinal spline interpolation is to bridge the gap between the linear spline and the cardinal series. The author explains cardinal spline functions, the basic properties of B-splines, including B- splines with equidistant knots and cardinal splines represented in terms of B-splines, and exponential...
Philadelphia: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 1993
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Alpay, Daniel, editor
This book is primarily devoted to topics related to matrix versions of classical interpolation and moment problems. The major themes include Schur analysis of nonnegative Hermitian block Hankel matrices and the construction of Schur-type algorithms. This book also covers a number of recent developments in orthogonal rational matrix functions, matrix-valued...
Basel: Spinger, 2012
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Biebler, Karl-Ernst, author
This book presents methods of mathematical modeling from two points of view. Splines provide a general approach while compartment models serve as examples for context related to modeling. The preconditions and characteristics of the developed mathematical models as well as the conditions surrounding data collection and model fit are taken...
Singapore: World Scientific, 2013
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