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Rubin, Allen, author
Practitioner?s Guide to Using Research for Evidence-Based Practice gives essential and practical guidance on how to integrate research appraisal into evidence-based practice endeavors to ensure best client care. This practitioner-oriented book provides readers across the helping professions with the step-by-step skills they need to effectively appraise and use research as...
New Jersey: John Wiley and Sons, 2012
616.89 RUB p
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Patton, Michael Quinn, author
Offering more balance between applied research and evaluation, this Fourth Edition of Qualitative Research &​ Evaluation Methods illuminates all aspects of qualitative inquiry through new examples, stories, and cartoons; more than a hundred new summarizing and synthesizing exhibits; and a wide range of new highlight sections/​sidebars that elaborate on important...
London: SAGE, 2015
001.42 PAT q
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