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Steinfels, Peter
New York: Simon and Schuster, 1980
320.5 STE n
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Rossiter, Clinton, 1917-1970, author
New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1956
320.52 ROS c
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Achmad Haikal Kurniawan, author
Warisan Politik Ronald Reagan Untuk Partai Republik Amerika Serikat 2001-2016 Pembimbing : Reni Suwarso, Ph.D. Skripsi ini akan membahas mengenai warisan politik Ronald Reagan untuk Partai Republik Amerika Serikat pada periode 2001 hingga 2016. Berdasarkan hasil temuan yang didapatkan, Ronald Reagan memiliki warisan politik yang besar terhadap Partai Republik setelah...
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Franken, Al., author
Satirist Al Franken examines the political right, using their own words against them in taking on the pundits, the politicians, and the issues. ...
Minneapolis, MN : HighBridge,, 2003.
320.52 FRA l
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Decker, Jefferson, author
In the mid-1970s, a group of politically conservative lawyers formed a network of nonprofit, public-interest law firms and began to challenge liberal government in the courts. These attorneys tried to defend property rights, commercial use of public lands, federalism, and economic freedom by litigating cases in law. Then, during the...
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016
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