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Straub, Joseph T., author
Being a manager can be nerve-wracking. There are so many new responsibilities to manage, so many new skills to learn, and so little time to do it. This is a concise, comprehensive guide written specifically to help new managers learn the ropes of management -without having a nervous breakdown. Topics...
New York: [American Management Association, ], 2000
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Halloran, Jack, 1931-, author
Englewood Cliffs, N.J: Prentice-Hall, 1986
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Dowling, William F., author
Tokyo: McGraw-Hill Kogakusha, 1978
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Thunnusen, Maria, author
Talent Management is one of the fastest growing themes in the management field, yet, there is little knowledge about the nature of TM in practice, and how TM evolves over time. This book offers an integrated framework, based on empirical research that addresses the nature and dynamics of TM in...
United Kingdom: Emerald, 2017
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Certo, Samuel C
Chicago: Irwin, 1997
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Hay, Julie, author
Annotation. Why are reflection and supervision important for coaches? How might increased self awareness improve competence? What kind of activities might a coach consider to develop their own reflective practices? This practical book helps coaches to improve their practice through reflection and professional support in their work. It explains how...
Maidenhead : Open University Press, 2007
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Flahault, D.
Geneva: World Health Organization, 1988
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Siti Hanifah, author

Kondisi tempat kerja yang merugikan menyangkut kesejahteraan pekerja dapat memengaruhi persepsi pekerja terhadap organisasi. Bila perusahaan gagal menciptakan kondisi kerja yang dapat memenuhi kebutuhan dasar pekerja, konsekuensinya yakni menyebabkan turnover intention melalui emotional exhaustion yang dialami pekerja. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh dari verbal abuse dan abusive supervision terhadap...

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Broadwell, Martin M.
Bradwell, Boston: CBI, 1979
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Cadwell, Charles M., author
Join the thousands of supervisors who have stepped up to their new roles with this self-study classic. Join the thousands of supervisors who have learned the ropes with this classic book on mastering supervisory skills. Completely revised and updated, First-Line Supervision, Fifth Edition gives you all the confidence and know-how...
New York: [American Management Association;, ], 2006
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