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Ario Sunar Baskoro, author
This paper proposes a study on the comparison of particle swarm optimization with genetic algorithm for molten pool detection in fixed aluminum pipe welding. The research was conducted for welding of aluminum alloy Al6063S-T6 with a controlled welding speed and a Charge-couple Device (CCD) camera as vision sensor. Omnivision-based monitoring...
Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia, 2011
Artikel Jurnal  Universitas Indonesia Library
Martin, A.D., author
Amsterdam: North-Holland, 1970
530.1 MAR e
Buku Teks  Universitas Indonesia Library
Novozhilov, IU. V. (IUrii Viktorovich), author
Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1975
539.721 NOV i (1)
Buku Teks  Universitas Indonesia Library
Cheng, David C.
London: Addison-Wesley , 1979
539.721 CHE e (1)
Buku Teks  Universitas Indonesia Library
This volume is an exercises and solutions manual that complements the book "Particles and Fundamental Interactions" by Sylvie Braibant, Giorgio Giacomelli, and Maurizio Spurio. It aims to give additional intellectual stimulation for students in experimental particle physics. It will be a helpful companion in the preparation of a...
Dordrecht: Spinger Science, 2012
eBooks  Universitas Indonesia Library
Jason Kristiano, author
Penelitian ini mengajukan model penggunaan representasi spin-3/2 murni pada fisika partikel. Untuk memformulasikan representasi spin-3/2 murni secara kovarian digunakan representasi antisimetrik tensor spinor dan penelitian ini menggunakan hamburan dengan resonans delta sebagai contoh. Penelitian ini menemukan bahwa penggunaan Lagrangian interaksi yang konvensional menimbulkan masalah amplitudo transisi tidak dapat menjelaskan fenomena...
UI - Skripsi (Membership)  Universitas Indonesia Library
Braibant, Sylvie, author
The book provides theoretical and phenomenological insights on the structure of matter, presenting concepts and features of elementary particle physics and fundamental aspects of nuclear physics. Starting with the basics (nomenclature, classification, acceleration techniques, detection of elementary particles), the properties of fundamental interactions (electromagnetic, weak and strong) are introduced with a...
Dordrecht: [Spinger Science, ], 2012
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his textbook brings together nuclear and particle physics, presenting a balanced overview of both fields as well as the interplay between the two. The theoretical as well as the experimental foundations are covered, providing students with a deep understanding of the subject. In-chapter exercises ranging from basic experimental to sophisticated...
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017
539.7 FOU
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Khlopov, Maxim, author
This book guides readers (astronomers, physicists, and university students) through central questions of Practical Cosmology, a term used by the late Allan Sandage to denote the modern scientific endeavor to find the cosmological model best describing the universe of galaxies, its geometry, size, age, and matter composition. The authors draw...
Dordrecht: [, Spinger], 2012
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Costa, Giovanni, author
Symmetries, coupled with the mathematical concept of group theory, are an essential conceptual backbone in the formulation of quantum field theories capable of describing the world of elementary particles. This primer is an introduction to and survey of the underlying concepts and structures needed in order to understand and handle...
Berlin : [Spinger-Verlag, ], 2012
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