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Freidlin, Mark I., author
Most of the results are closely connected with PDEs, and the authors' approach presents a powerful method for studying the asymptotic behavior of the solutions of initial-boundary value problems for corresponding PDEs...
Berlin: [Springer, ], 2012
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Gaffari Ramadhan, author
This study estimates the banking efficiency in the Province of West Sumatera for the years of 2007-2008. Using 19 samples of commercial banks, the estimation applies the Stochastic Frontier Approach (SFA) model in order to analyze the cost efficiency of commercial banks. This study finds that the bank's cost function...
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Ito, Kiyosi, author
A systematic, self-contained treatment of the theory of stochastic differential equations in infinite dimensional spaces. Included is a discussion of Schwartz spaces of distributions in relation to probability theory and infinite dimensional stochastic analysis, as well as the random variables and stochastic processes that take values in infinite dimensional spaces...
Philadelphia: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2002
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Ajeng Naya Anindita, author
Penelitian kinerja efisiensi perbankan ini menggunakan 28 perusahaan perbankan yang terdaftar di Bursa Efek Indonesia untuk data periode 2006 sampai 2007. Kredit yang diberikan adalah sebagai variabel output, sedangkan total dana pihak ketiga (DPK), jumlah karyawan serta total modal adalah sebagai variabel inputnya. Penggunaan Stochastic Frontier Analysis diharapkan dapat memberikan...
Depok: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Indonesia, 2008
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Zaldy Arifianto, author
Kebutuhan manusia terus bertambah kompleks, seiring dengan bertambahnya waktu. Dengan ditemukan beberapa teknologi yang pasti membutuhkan raw material, maka sernakin pelik masalah kebutuhan manusia. Sayangnya tidak semua tempat dapat memenuhi atau mencukupi kebutuhan tersebut sendiri, sehingga harus medapatkannya ditempat lain.

Pengelolaan dan pengaturan produksi dan distribusi semen menjadi sangat penting...
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Faber, Michael Havbro, author
This book provides the reader with the basic skills and tools of statistics and probability in the context of engineering modeling and analysis. The emphasis is on the application and the reasoning behind the application of these skills and tools for the purpose of enhancing decision making in engineering. The...
Dordrecht, Netherlands: [, Springer], 2012
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Anatoly Lisnianski, editor
Recent advances in system reliability discusses developments in modern reliability theory such as signatures, multi-state systems and statistical inference. It describes the latest achievements in these fields, and covers the application of these achievements to reliability engineering practice. The chapters cover a wide range of new theoretical subjects and have...
London: [Springer, ], 2012
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Ramachandran, Kandethody M., author
This book will expose the reader to some of the fundamental methodology in non-cooperative game theory, and highlight some numerical methods, along with some relevant applications. Since the early development days, differential game theory has had a significant impact in such diverse disciplines as applied mathematics, economics, systems theory, engineering,...
Paris: [Atlantis Press, ], 2012
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Schaffler, Stefan, author
This self-contained monograph presents a new stochastic approach to global optimization problems arising in a variety of disciplines including mathematics, operations research, engineering, and economics. The volume deals with constrained and unconstrained problems and puts a special emphasis on large scale problems. It also introduces a new unified concept for...
New York: [Springer, ], 2012
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Fridman, A.E., author
This monograph and translation from the Russian describes in detail and comments on the fundamentals of metrology. The basic concepts of metrology, the principles of the International System of Units SI, the theory of measurement uncertainty, the new methodology of estimation of measurement accuracy on the basis of the uncertainty...
New York: [Springer, ], 2012
eBooks  Universitas Indonesia Library
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