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Moayyedian, Mehdi, author
This book describes an effective framework for setting the right process parameters and new mold design to reduce the current plastic defects in injection molding. It presents a new approach for the optimization of injection molding process via (i) a new mold runner design which leads to 20 percent reduction...
Switzerland: Springer Nature, 2019
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Bertoluzza, Silvia, author
This book is a collection of lecture notes for the CIME course on "Multiscale and Adaptivity: Modeling, Numerics and Applications," held in Cetraro (Italy), in July 2009. Complex systems arise in several physical, chemical, and biological processes, in which length and time scales may span several orders of magnitude. Traditionally,...
Berlin: Spinger-Verlag, 2012
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Huber, Markus Q., author
Quarks are the main constituents of protons and neutrons and hence are important building blocks of all the matter that surrounds us. However, quarks have the intriguing property that they never appear as isolated single particles but only in bound states. This phenomenon is called confinement and has been a...
Berlin : [Spinger-Verlag, ], 2012
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Scherer, Philipp O.J., author
This textbook presents basic numerical methods and applies them to a large variety of physical models in multiple computer experiments. Classical algorithms and more recent methods are explained. Partial differential equations are treated generally comparing important methods, and equations of motion are solved by a large number of simple as...
Switzerland: Springer Nature, 2017
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