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Gideon Sapir, author
State and Religion in Israel begins with a philosophical analysis of the two main questions regarding the role of religion in liberal states: should such states institute a 'Wall of Separation' between state and religion? Should they offer religious practices and religious communities special protection? Gideon Sapir and Daniel Statman...
New Delhi: Cambridge University Press, 2018
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Dian A.H. Shah, author
"As religious polarisation in society deepens, political actors and policy-makers have begun to struggle with questions on the role of the dominant religion and how religion influences constitutional commitments and development. By focusing on Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, Constitutions, Religion and Politics in Asia demonstrates how constitution-making and the...
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017
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Perry, Michael J.
New York: Oxford University Press, 1997
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Seo, Myengko, author
"Examines the management of religion in Indonesia. It discusses how Christianity has developed in Indonesia, how the state, though Muslim in outlook and culture, is nevertheless formally secular, and how the principal Christian church, the Java Christian Church, has adapted its practices to fit local circumstances"-- ...
London New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2013
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