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Managing the one-person library provides a useful and needed resource for solo librarians confronted with the challenges of running a small library. The author uniquely focuses on topics encountered by solo librarians, such as IT troubleshooting and library security. Chapters on library management, collection development, serials management, and library marketing...
Waltham, MA: Chandos , 2015
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Two keywords in implementing Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 are customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Both are important and always influence each other. In the practice of library service, user satisfaction becomes an essential aspect for the library to make a continuous improvement. This means when a library puts priority...
BIPI 11 :2 (2015)
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Satija, Mohinder Partap, 1949-, author
The dewey decimal classification system (DDC) is the world’s most popular library classification system. The 23rd edition of the DDC was published in 2011. This second edition of the theory and practice of the dewey decimal classification system examines the history, management and technical aspects of the DDC up to...
Oxford : Chandos , 2013
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Coyle, Karen, author

Coyle's articulate treatment of the issues at hand helps bridge the divide between traditional cataloging practice and the algorithmic metadata approach, making this book an important resource for both LIS students and practitioners. "This book looks at the ways that we define the things of the bibliographic world, and in...
Chicago: an imprint of the American Library Association, 2016
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"It has become increasingly accepted that important digital data must be retained and shared in order to preserve and promote knowledge, advance research in and across all disciplines of scholarly endeavor, and maximize the return on investment of public funds. To meet this challenge, colleges and universities are adding data...
West Lafayette : Indiana Purdue University Press, 2014
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