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Molen, Willem van der, author
The sometimes precarious position of the Chinese in Indonesia has a long history. The (most probably) nineteenth-century author, Apdul Mutalip, advocated a more balanced view by pointing out some fundamental contributions the Chinese had made to the welfare of the Javanese; he also demonstrates that their presence in Java has...
Depok: Fakultas Ilmu Pengetahuan Budaya Universitas Indonesia, 2017
UI-WACANA 17:2 (2017)
Artikel Jurnal  Universitas Indonesia Library
Drewes, G.W.J. (Geradus Willebrodus Joannes), 1899-, author
The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff, 1975
899.222 DRE r
Buku Teks  Universitas Indonesia Library
Woro Aryandini, author
Jakarta: UI-Press, 2000
306.089 9 WOR c
Buku Teks  Universitas Indonesia Library
Iddah Bio Watti, author
Skripsi ini membahas citra moral Wiralodra yang tercermin dalam Babad Darmay (BD), sebagai sastra sejarah BD dijadikan alat penyampaian moral bagi masyarakat Indramayu. BD yang disalin oleh H.R Sutadji pada tahun 1988 menceritakan tentang perjalanan Wiralodra dalam membangun cikalbakal Indramayu (Darmayu). Citra moral Wiralodra dibangun dalam setiap aspek BD. Penelitian...
Depok: Fakultas Ilmu Pengetahuan Budaya Universitas Indonesia, 2009
UI - Skripsi (Open)  Universitas Indonesia Library
Jakarta: Lembaga Penelitian Perancis Untuk Timur Jauh, 1983
899.222 CAR
Buku Teks  Universitas Indonesia Library
Bade, David W., author
What would a history that put women at the centre of the rise and fall of kingdoms be like? When the armies of Khubilai arrived on Java in 1293, they found themselves in the middle of two warring states. Two historical traditions developed concerning the ensuing events: the official Chinese...
Singapore: Institute of South East Asia Studies, 2002
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