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Advances in Design, Simulation and Manufacturing: Proceedings of the International Conference on Design, Simulation, Manufacturing: The Innovation Exchange, DSMIE-2018, June 12-15, 2018, Sumy, Ukraine

Ivanov, Vitalii, editor; Rong, Yiming, editor; Trojanowska, Justyna, editor; Venus, Joachim, editor; Liaposhchenko, Oleksandr, editor; Zajac, Jozef, editor; Pavlenko, Ivan, editor; Edl, Milan, editor; Perakovic, Dragan, editor (Springer Cham, 2019)


This book reports on topics at the interface between manufacturing, mechanical and chemical engineering. It gives a special emphasis to CAD/CAE systems, information management systems, advanced numerical simulation methods and computational modeling techniques, and their use in product design, industrial process optimization and in the study of the properties of solids, structures and fluids. Control theory, ICT for engineering education as well as ecological design and food technologies are also among the topics discussed in the book. Based on the International Conference on Design, Simulation, Manufacturing: The Innovation Exchange (DSMIE-2018), held on June 12-15, 2018, in Sumy, Ukraine, the book provides academics and professionals with a timely overview and extensive information on trends and technologies behind current and future developments of Industry 4.0, innovative design and renewable energy generation.

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