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Global tea in local context (study of global culture, global economy and global politic: the afternoon tea' case in five stars - diamond hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia)

Yosefina Thesa Thesita Koesnihadi; Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri, supervisor (Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Universitas Indonesia, 2002)


Tea is a drink that is liked for many reasons by almost every people in the earth. Conscious or not, it fills most of the people's daily live. Some of them even make tea drinking as their habit, which certainly shows their good sense and madness of processed plantation called tea. It is indeed someone's choice of drinking pattern. But among various drinks offered in this world, tea is a famous alternative to make. Human fondness of tea drinking tends also to be found in almost every nation. In Indonesia, tea has also known for centuries. However, the fondness of tea accelerates extraordinarily in the latest century. Various sociological patterns about tea especially in Indonesia will be this research entity. Tea is assumed carrying certain understanding, certain symbol, and certain function for certain group of society, if not all, in certain time. This becomes more interesting while the variation of meaning, symbol and function differs more and more. It certainly cannot be hindered because it relates strictly with individuals and societies. This research's prime vision is to emphasize more portions in the global culture's spectacle. It is so done, because the assumption of a single nations' tradition, which is the English style afternoon tea breaks the limit and penetrates in almost all over the world. It then associates with local tea tradition and assumed as the global culture. Nevertheless, culture cannot work and process all alone. It must relate and link with other sides or spectacles of globalization too. These will also be a little bit discussed in connection with the culture. The penetration process of the tea is not taken for granted. It costs high enough that the tea ritual is not pure anymore. This caused by the society, which is named as market in economical science. Like basic economical law has taught before, the market plays an important role where supply will be adjusted with their demand. This phenomenon can and will be benefited by thorough ?money managers? through business area. Good networking between them and the system strengthen the collaboration and association of the development of the global economy. Globalization in the area of culture and economy is lead and supported by political life. It needs power to make things possible. Power, which is dominated by the state, gives and makes deep and huge impacts on state's life. The state's role is needed instead of positive or negative power. This power shall associate and collaborate to make a fruitful condition. A little bit portion on global politic will be a part of this paper's angle of vision.
Thus, it can be concluded that tea does not discern borders, nations, races, classes or everything concerning with segregation. Human is generally acquainted it. The only matter is the `option'. How people processes, packs, presents, or even actualizes it, are all people's choice according to their preference to the outcome. Some people value it nothing, but some others do appreciate the tradition. In connection with globalization, these reasons base the selection of the title too. So, please have a great pleasure in reading this paper under the title of ?Global Tea in Local Context?.

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