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Strategi bisnis perusahaan pengelola kawasan industri: studi kasus pada PT Kawasan Industri Jababeka, Tbk.

Rahmat Nuryono; Agus Maulana, supervisor (Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Universitas Indonesia, 2004)
PT Kawasan Industri Jababeka, Tbk (PT KIJ, Tbk), is an industrial estate management company. The company also includes the supporting facilities of the industrial estate in its business operation. The supporting facilities that are included are the apartments/residence, store, and office construction, clean water construction and management, industrial waste management, telecommunication facilities, telephone and electricity; and other supporting facilities.

Along with the change in macro environment, from 1998 until 2001 the Indonesian industrial estate management companies suffered a great decrease. It was marked by the decrease of investment realization and followed by the deflation of Rupiah and the upsurge of the inflation rate. Even though since 2003 Indonesian economic growth has reached 4,1%, to boost up the industrial estate management requires the reevaluation and adjustment of its strategic business to the environmental change so that the company can keep its sustainability and growth.

To know the preparation of PT KIJ, Tbk in anticipating every external environmental change and preparing its internal resources, the appropriate business strategic analysis is required. The research method applied in this research is descriptive - qualitative method. It is conducted by giving questionnaire and interviewing the respondents who know and understand the industrial estate management. The respondents given the questionnaire and interviewed for the research are the manager of PT KIJ, Tbk, the and interviewed for the research are the manager of PT KIJ, Tbk, the boarding staff of Himpunan Kawasan Industri (HKI) commissariat Bekasi, the officials of Sub Dinas Penanaman Modal Daerah (PMD) Dinas Perindagpar and PMD Bekasi Regency, and the directors of tenant companies in Jababeka.

The research is initiated by analyzing the condition of internal and external factors of the company and also by analyzing the importance level of those factors. The result of the assessment is used to determine the competitive position of PT KIJ, Tbk by applying General Electric (GE) Matrix. The competitive position obtained from GE matrix analysis exist in growth and build business area or Quadrant ll which recommends some alternative strategies suitable for its development. By examining the competitive position, strength, weakness, opportunity, threat and business goal of the companies, market penetration strategy and market development strategy are corroborated. After the strategies have been corroborated, the functional strategy proposal; the strategy to strengthen each function of the company, is given to arrange the program or to arrange the more detail description of the strategies.
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