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Estimasi koefisien teknis I-O non-survei tahun 1990: metode ras "ahp"

Usasana; N. Haidy Ahmad Pasay, supervisor; M. Arsyad Anwar, examiner; Soeheroe Tjokro Prajitno, examiner; Hera Susanti, examiner (, 1996)

There are many non-survey method that estimate 1-0 Coefficient e. i : RAS, RECRAS and LAGRANGIAN. In this study, the author would like to introduce a new methode to estimate non-survey Coefficient of I-4, namely AHP. Using 1985 1-0 Table of publication, this study introduces the estimation 1990 1-0 coefficient using some instruments such as : MAPS MAD, PEOM and PEG. These instruments have been used to evaluate how fit the result is. The conclusion of this study shows that the technical coefficient matrix estimated by AHP and RAS may perform relative well. But, when converted to its associated Leontief Inverse, in term of such measures as it output multiplier or sectoral gross output that it does not produce look very much like an associated full-survey matrix.
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