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Voice recognition method by implementation of the DFT for determining the power spectral density

Eko Polosoro; Hamdani Zain, supervisor ([Publisher not identified] , 1995)


Digital signal processing is concerned with the representation of signals by sequences of number or symbols and the processing of the sequences. The purpose of such processing may be to estimate characteristic parameters of a signal or to transform a signal into a form which is in some sense more desirable. The classical numerical analysis formulas, such as those designed for interpolation, integration, and differentiation, are certainly digital signal processing algorithms.
The early work on speech and the like - topics still of considerable interest and still the object of active research began less than two decade ago. The rapid development of the subject can be appreciated by scanning the issues of the leading journals. Yet the application of digital signal processing has not been without its problems. It is a field which demands sophisticated technology.

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