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Eksistensi manusia absurd : refleksi terhadap pemikiran Albert Camus

Adi Nugroho; Irmayanti Meliono (Universitas Indonesia, 2004)


The Absurdity Of Human Existence A Reflection Toward Albert Camus ThoughtsAlbert Camus, a Pied Noir (French-Algerian) philosopher who lived on 1913-1960, is an existentialist thinker that concerning into absurdity phenomenon on human life. Absurdity is a representation in Common Era that human existence has a serious problem with the world that surrounding them. Feeling of absurdity born when the world reject human individual life likes alienation. This conflict make human tend to die because they do not find anything on their live.
Suicide is one of human reaction for their absurd life. Camus thinks that suicide is important philosophical problem that must be solved before explaining another likes, logical, metaphysical or epistemological problems. The assumption for this because, if human can not find the reason why their must be live and exist, the explaining for another aspects of life is not useful. Camus believes that human can be surviving on their absurd life because of their essence. Rebellion is the way to survive that absurdity man against all of interrupt from the world that not suitable for their existence. Human has freedom to choice how to survive according to their rationality.
A critic for Camus thoughts, unless he said that suicide is a kind of magnum opus because to make it happen, an individual must dialogue with his rationality, he thinks that suicide as representation of the looser. Suicide is a sign that human weakness and cannot survive. If he against suicide, he makes a stratification to human existence that means, contradiction with his principal that human has a freedom. Suicide is one kind of rebellion, to find the meaning of live. If a human cannot find on this world, it means that this world is not a right place for them to exist.

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