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Evidence-based critical care: a case study approach

Robert C. Hyzy, editor (Springer International Publishing, 2017)


This textbook approaches the study of critical care with teaching in mind. In medicine teachable moments usually occur in clinical context, where the engagement in a real case exemplifies principles of diagnosis or therapy. In order to replicate the teaching method, selected cases are presented within each chapter offering the reader an opportunity to process and reflect on the components of the topic within a practical scenario.
While medical practice attempts to be evidence-based, common approaches to diagnosis and management incorporate not only evidence but heuristics and biases which await either validation or repudiation. Hence, each chapter is divided into two segments: the Principles of Management section - the common approach to the care of patients having a given condition is presented - and the Evidence Contour section, in which each author discusses the aspects of diagnosis and management that are the subject of ongoing debate.

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