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Innovative design, analysis and development practices in aerospace and automotive engineering (I-DAD 2018): volume 2

U. Chandrasekhar, Lung-Jieh Yang, S. Gowthaman, editors (Springer Nature, 2019)


This book gathers the best articles presented by researchers and industrial experts at the International Conference on Innovative Design and Development Practices in Aerospace and Automotive Engineering (I-DAD 2018). The papers discuss new design concepts, analysis and manufacturing technologies, with an emphasis on achieving improved performance by downsizing; improving the weight-to-strength ratio, fuel efficiency, and operational capability at room and elevated temperatures; reducing wear and tear; and addressing NVH aspects, while balancing the challenges of Euro IV/Barat Stage IV emission norms and beyond, greenhouse effects, and recyclable materials. The innovative methods discussed here offer valuable reference material for educational and research organizations, as well as industry, encouraging them to pursue challenging projects of mutual interest.

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