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The Newly-Discovered Daoguang Edition of Huaying Tongyu and the Genealogy of Early Chinese English Primers / Tanomura, Tadaharu.

Tanomura, Tadaharu; (Osaka University, 2018)

Huaying Tingyu is the title given to a series of editions of english primers published in post-Opium War China. the author recently came accross a copy of a hitherto unknown edition of Huaying Tongyu, dated the 29th year of Daoguang (1849 A.D), in a stack room of the Osaka University Library. according to the author's analysis, it is most likely that it is the very first edition of Huaying Tongyu.

The principal aim of the present article is to clarify the genealogical relationship between several early Chines English primers, including three editions of Huaying Tongyu. it will be demonstrated , among other things, that the Daoguang edition considerably draws upon Robert Thom's Chinese-English Vocabulary, Part first, published in 1843, and that all the subsequent editions of Huaying Tongyu were modeled after the Dagoguang edition.

This article will also focus upon Fukuzawa Yukichi's annotated edition, Fukuzawa supplied each of the English words and sentences with a translation in Japanese and a phonetic transcription in the kana syllabary. the author will argue that Fukuzawa used the edition of Huaying Tongyu published in the 5th year of Xianfeng (1855 A.D), a copy of which is in possession of the Tohoku University Library, and clarify what changes, apart from the above -mentioned two types of annotation, Fukuzawa made to the original Chinese edition.

In concluding sections, a few related issues involving the English primers treated here will be discussed.
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Penerbitan : Osaka: Osaka University, 2018
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VolumeVol. 58, March 2018: Hal. 165-222
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