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Artikel Jurnal :: Kembali

Rekonstruksi pemahaman keangsaan: Percakapan tentang perempuan dan kebangsaan / Ruth Indiah Rahayu, Iqraa Runi Aprilia

Ruth Indiah Rahayu; Iqraa Runi Aprilia (Yayasan Jurnal Prempuan, 2018)


Contemporary feminists in Indonesia do not yet have questions about nationality, since the conversation about nationality has been considered final at the beginning of Indonesian independence. In fact, in terms of contemporary analysis, women have problems with nationality, when the definition of nationality is dominated by the study of political science that is male view biased. By tracing history to contemporary time, the relationship between women and nationality is dominated by patriarchal interests for the mobilization of power, even if women have an independent political interest. That is why political interests of women are situated marginally in nationality. But if we use the perspective of the social sciences, as feminist theories, then the notion of nationality is broader than that of women and the state. We are still less productive in abstracting the relationship between women and citizens in nationality, while it is a daily practice of womens struggles both personally and organically. Women have proven to be an active agency to become citizens beyond the mobilization of the state.This paper seeks to arouse feminist questions about nationalism, in order to reveal the role of women who are hidden in nationality.


Jenis Koleksi : Artikel Jurnal
No. Panggil : 305 JP 23:3 (2018)
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Penerbitan : Jakarta: Yayasan Jurnal Prempuan, 2018
Sumber Pengatalogan : LibUI ind rda
ISSN : 1410153x
Majalah/Jurnal : Jurnal Perempuan
Volume : Vol. 23, No. 3, Agustus 2018: Hal. 109-129
Tipe Konten : text
Tipe Media : unmediated
Tipe Carrier : volume
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Institusi Pemilik : Universitas Indonesia
Lokasi : Perpustakaan UI, Lantai 4, R. Koleksi Jurnal
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