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Multimedia :: Kembali

Essentials of physical chemistry

Shillady, Donald; (Taylor and Francis, 2012)


Particularly well-suited for students not pursuing a traditional chemistry curriculum, such as premedical and forensic science students, this book presents a stand-alone approach to teaching physical chemistry in a one-semester course, a current trend in undergraduate education. This new undergraduate textbook succeeds in inspiring a thorough understanding rather than merely exposing students to what they all too often perceive as a painful and confusing experience. The author includes real-world applications, worked examples, end-of-chapter problems, key solutions, thermodynamic data, and much more to assist in the teaching and learning of physical chemistry.


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Penerbitan : Boca Raton: Taylor and Francis, 2012
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Deskripsi Fisik 1 compact disc; image; color; 4 3/4 in.
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