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The 1999 xDSL comprehensive report

International Engineering Consortium (Professional Education International, 1999)


Contents :
- The 1999 xDSL Comprehensive Report
- About the IEC
- University Program
- Consortium-Affiliated Universities
- Official Media Sponsors
- Table of Contents
- Table of Contents by Author
- Foreword
- ADSL: Prospects and Possibilities
- Investing in Managing the Last Mile
- xDSL Opportunities for PC Vendors
- The Business of Delivering High-Speed Data To Multidwelling Units
- Breaking the xDSL Profitability Barrier
- An Overview of xDSL Products
- The Last-Mile Infrastructure:Co-location Realities
- ADSL Business: Key Applications That Drive the Business Case
- CuNet Deployment: A CLEC Perspective
- xDSL Early Deployment Results:Valley Telephone Cooperative
- Using a Multistage Subtended DSLAM for Cost-Effective Deployment of ADSL
- Deploying xDSL on the Private Loop
- Early Deployment Results and DSL Market Acceptance
- DSL Data: Competitive local Exchange Carrier Analysis
- Early Deployment Results of xDSL
- VDSI Performance: Mixed-Services Deployment
- Cable Modems: A Broadband Solution to the Home
- Alternative Broadband Access Technologies
- The Bright Future of ATM and DSL Access Networks
- Etherloop
- Network Architectures
- Directions in Digital Subscriber line Silicon Connectivity Solutions
- xDSL Deployment Strategy Based on a Migration from an IP-Based to a Cell-Based
- Technical Competition and the Impact on xDSL
- Customer Premises Network Architecture for DSL Remote
- Turning Copper into Gold
- xDSL Technology
- xDSL: Semiconductor Trends and Opportunities
- xDSL Backbone Solutions
- ADSL Operations and Network Management
- Architecture and Technology Choices
- The Evolution of Copper Access Transmission from Voiceband Modems to DSl
- xDSL Technology Tutorial
- Supercharging Telecom Products with ADSL Technology
- Are There Any lessons learned From ISDN?
- A Solution Suite for the xDSL Provisioning Process
- DSL System Integration
- DSL Technology: Simply the Best Choice
- Optimizing Bundled Services:The Local Access Provider's
- The World Will Not Look the Same in the Year 2005
- Computer Industry Support of xDSl
- Defining Digital Loops: Avoiding Remonopolization in a Digital World
- Computer Industry Issues for Universal ADSL
- Formal DSl Standards Progress
- Delivering High-Speed Internet to the Mass Market
- Government Policies Affecting xDSL Deployment
- xDSL Standards

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