eBooks :: Kembali

eBooks :: Kembali

A 14th century Malay code of laws: the Nitisarasamuccaya

by Uli Kozok with contributions by Thomas Hunter, Waruno Mahdi, John Miksic (Institute of South East Asia Studies, 2015)


That is why the impressive results of the fieldwork and subsequent analytical research by the German scholar, Dr. Uli Kozok, are remarkable. By devoting considerable time and funds to his project in the interior of Sumatra, Kozok has produced results that will change the writing of the history of Malay. ... By conducting fieldwork (Kozok saw the text in Kerinci in August 2002), by following up leads from the colonial literature (Voorhoeve0 ̂as compilation), by analyzing the text.
Contents :
- List of Tables
- List of Figures
- Abbreviations
- Preface
- About the contributors
- 1. Pusaka: Kerinci Manuscripts
- 2. Kerinci and the Ancient History of Jambi
- 3. Tanjung Tanah Manuscript TK 214
- 4. Script and Language of the Tanjung Tanah Manuscript
- 5. Tanjung Tanah Manuscript TK 215
- 6. Sanskrit in a Distant Land: The Sanskritized Sections
- Bibliography
- Index
- Nalanda-Sriwijaya Series
- Images of TK 214


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