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General concavity

Mordecai Avriel, Walter E. Diewert, Siegfried Schaible, Israel Zang (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2010)


Originally published in 1988, this enduring text remains the most comprehensive book on generalized convexity and concavity. The authors present generalized concave functions in a unified framework, exploring them primarily from the domains of optimization and economics.
Concavity of a function is a common property used in most of the important theorems concerning properties of optimization problems in mathematical economics, operations research, mathematical programming, engineering, and management science. Generalized concavity deals with the many nonconcave functions that have properties similar to those of concave functions.
Specific topics covered in this book include:a review of concavity and the basics of generalized concavity; applications of generalized concavity to economics; special function forms such as composite forms, products, ratios, and quadratic functions; fractional programming; and concave transformable functions.

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